Make the change to a Hands Free Commercial Bathroom.

Going hands free in a commercial bathroom is really worth it.
Sure, there’s a level of investment involved, but it’s a responsible move to make.
In fact, more and more, the public is expecting hands free facilities.

Here’s why:

Going hands free is good for the environment.
There’s no dispute that hands free towel and soap dispensers reduce waste.
Sensors determine when soap, paper towels or water are needed. No longer is there an overuse of paper towels, liquid soap or water because amounts are delivered in specific measures.
With excess water not left running and towels not being stolen or discarded, the outcome has to be reduced waste.
Now that’s an environmental win!

Going hands free can save dollars.
It naturally follows that using less soap and water and fewer paper towels will save maintenance staff time in refilling, cleaning and maintaining bathroom facilities.
The ease of use can slow down damage to dispensers, reducing the need to repair or replace them.

Going hands free is a hygienic solution to commercial bathroom health standards.
Preventing the spread of bacteria in cold and flu season, particularly, of E. coli and staphylococcus is a huge problem for public facilities.
The myriad of bacteria and germs which thrive in a bathroom environment are less able to spread when touch free comes into play.

Going hands free helps traffic flow.
It’s time saving for users and therefore shortens queues.
In places like airports or shopping centres where usage is heavy, touchless bathrooms are an efficient answer to traffic flow.
People don’t spend as much time dispensing their own paper towels, turning on taps, or flushing toilets.
Queues move faster.
Traffic flows more efficiently.

Going hands free in environments like hospitality and food handling businesses assists in complying with health regulations.
The convenient use of soap, towel and water dispensers encourages staff to easily meet sanitary rules about washing their hands regularly during the work day.

Go hands free. It helps make everyone more comfortable!

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