Linking Your Brand Identity with Your Fitout

Very often we deal with businesses opening up or changing ownership. When we talk to clients about their custom retail fitout, restaurant or office fitout, they usually have ideas about the layout, customer flow, product display, and of course, their business brand or identity.

They’ve often done their market research before they talk to us about costing and building their fitout, but many times, they aren’t aware that they need to register their business name.
In an earlier post this year, we touched on Branding 101, about how your fitout can increase your
brand awareness.
We talked about how your brand defines your business, and should reflect your business, including the way your fitout looks.
What we didn’t mention in that post was the need to promote, clearly display and of courseofficially register your business name.

So, here’s 3 “Must Know” things about your Business Name:

1. Business Names must be officially registered.

No registration means no protection and the unique identity of your business can be lost. It’s worth protecting!

If your business name is different from your Personal Name or if you are a Registered Company in Australia and your business name
is not the same as your company name, you’ve got to register it.

Ah, great, you might think, once that’s done, no one can copy my registered business name. Well,
not actually true!

If you really want Exclusive Use of your Business Name, then you need to go that
extra step and register it as a Trademark. That locks it in for your sole use in Australia.
Where to register? With ASIC, the Australian Securities and Investments Commission. It’s pretty
easy to do online, get yourself a log in name and password, and go through the

2. Locate your business name clearly and obviously within your fitout.

A confusing or obscured shop front, office front or restaurant entrance; or indeed an unbranded interior space means your
business name or brand is unrecognizable or at the very least not memorable to your clients. Use
clear, well positioned and visible signage both in and outside your premises.

3. Incorporate the colours, patterns or shapes featured within your logo or branding throughout your fitout.

Link your business name and brand to the interior space and/or shopfront. Be bold
here, use bursts of your brand’s colour across walls, throughout furniture, across counter fronts
and in flooring.
Tell the ‘story’ of your brand in every aspect of your fitout.

So, when you’re starting out, remodeling, or changing hands in your business, and a new fit out
and new business name are called for, make sure you’re well positioned to protect the value of
your brand by registering it first up, and incorporate it clearly and thoroughly throughout your fitout.
Remember - Your brand needs to be recognizable, memorable and obvious to your clients.

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