Keeping Travellers Interested – Airport Retailers tell of the Challenges

Airports are focusing more and more on retailing.
The need for quality store fitout is high.
So is the challenge for airport retailers to set themselves apart.
Here’s the word from them on the airport “street”:

What is one of the biggest challenges for airport retailers?

“We need to get the right mix of products for our customer base who has spare time between security check and boarding calls. Choosing things to suit their needs and dreams is the most important issue. Impulse-buys are big sellers. Travel technology items are also a big drawcard.”

“Food is very competitive for airport retailers, so the look of our fitout has to be different from the usual fast food chains that are everywhere. People know those brands and know exactly what they’re going to get, but for us, we have to offer a menu that’s different from theirs, yet not too niche and definitely not complicated.”

“Everyone might think that it’s an easy job attracting travelling customers because they’re a captive audience, but that’s not necessarily true. There’s plenty who aren’t at the airport to spend, so having a store that offers something different is probably what wins. For instance, local product showing the flavour of your city is a great idea."

“It’s fast becoming a shopping experience at airports these days. Airport corporations know that there is serious money to be made in renting space and they demand a high standard of fitout. It’s a challenge for all airports to offer bigger and better experiences all the time. Who knows what’ll be next when things like skygardens are already a reality.”

“A shop in the airport terminal has to be different from one in town. We can’t usually have a large storage space, so holding stock is a challenge.”

So, airport retailers, the message is to be alert to changes in consumer tastes to be one step ahead of the rest.

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