Keep ahead of the demands of the modern workforce

The habits of the average worker in 2018 are a far cry from the cubicle style office worker of the past.
Office fitouts are pressured to continually adapt to the changing habits and demands of the modern workforce to retain good quality and consistent employee base.
Millennials, Gen X and Gen Z workers want more flexibility and innovative workspaces than ever before.
So how do you keep ahead of these demands?

To stand ahead of the pack and offer an employee-focused fitout to attract and retain the best professionals in the business - AC Fitouts suggest you consider these four things;

Be tech-driven

Young professionals not only expect, they demand access to the latest technology. Build tech charging stations into your office fitout in as many locations as you can. At private work desks, in break out areas, in waiting areas – everywhere. Access to the fastest possible internet access is critical so don’t fall behind by limiting this in your fitout. Be flexible though, don’t fall into the trap of backing the latest tech infrastructure that will date in a few years. Keep things easily accessible for your fitout expert to come back and update you with the latest tech out there. Keep updating and stay current.

Reflect your staff in your fitout

This is about making physical changes in your office fitout to reflect and support the needs of your staff. More and more, employers are embracing a diverse workforce. This means a mix of staff from all walks of life, with different backgrounds, life situations and skills. Make sure your fitout reflects your worker. If you employ women who are returning to the workforce after having children, consider their needs by offering private areas for them to feed or manage their home life when they need to. For staff with indigenous backgrounds, consider their cultural needs and celebrate topics that are important to them throughout your fitout. Do sensitive research into artwork that could boost their morale in your workplace. Making physical reflections of your staff in your fitout instead of just verbal promises makes your staff feel valued and confident and is said to in turn significantly boost their performance.

Encourage collaboration

Many companies are utilising freelancers or small teams to outsource components of their work. This is all about flexibly utilising a mix of skills to produce the best outcomes. Co-working spaces are more popular than ever with dedicated co-working offices and studios popping up in every suburb. To harness this growing concept in your own office, consider accommodating flexible co-working space in your own fitout. Research is showing this shouldn’t be by the way of offering a dedicated corner of your office for flexible workers, but instead should be realised by dotting flexible workstations in amongst your permanent staff’s work desks. This will allow your staff to gain engage and interact with the rotating flexible workers, continually gaining new advice and insights. It also allows flexible workers to feel part of your team, which will boost their confidence and commitment.

Bring the fun!

Employees want fun at work. They want to work and relax, then repeat. The more you can offer the ‘relax’ time in your own office, and not lose them to seek it in the outside world on their lunch break the more your staff will interact, strengthen their relationships and in turn remain committed to your company. Offer dynamic and innovative breakout spaces throughout your office that are fun, playful and relaxing for staff. Consider lounge chairs, colour palettes and textures that differ from the remainder of your fitout and games or collaborative areas. Build in greenery and artwork and keep the feel light and refreshing.

And our top tip - put time and energy into your fitout to stand ahead of the pack and offer an employee-focused fitout to attract and retain the best professionals in the business. AC Fitouts are always looking for ways to help our clients stand out as leaders in their industry for supporting their staff. To read more <here> about how we bring a personalised and professional approach to every fitout project.


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