"Housekeeping Tips" for a Business Tidy Up before the Christmas Holidays

It’s almost Christmas holidays.
Time to wrap up the year and end on a high.
In the rush of things to do, here’s some “housekeeping” tips to make it a more organised end to the working year and successful start to a holiday break.

1. Clear the Decks:
Who doesn’t have a To Do List!
Make an effort to reduce it.
That might even mean delegating some of the tasks to others.
You’ll feel so much more relaxed walking away on the last day, with no list left or just a short one remaining.
Most times, when focused on getting that list down, the jobs don’t even seem as onerous. You’ll probably even find that some things no longer need addressing.

2. Tidy your Work Environment:
It’s time to cull. Get rid of unnecessary things: throw out dying plants or give them a home for the holidays under someone’s care.
Bin out of date calendars, notices etc, file old files, clean out the fridge and give away unclaimed lunch boxes, tidy the desks.
Do whatever housekeeping you can to start the New Year looking as smart and fresh as possible.

3. Review & Clean Up your Inbox:
File any emails you want to keep, delete the junk and most of all, review any you’re subscribed to.
Unsubscribe to those you don’t want. Use a free plugin to check your email inbox for important messages.
It will contact you via text if an email is absolutely urgent and needs attention during your break.

4. Notify Clients & Customers of your Closing and Re-Opening Dates:
Most businesses close for a break of some sort over the Christmas –New Year season.
So don’t forget to tell your supporters when those dates are. Add this info to your email signature and post it on your social media pages.
That makes it less likely to have people turn up on the doorstep expecting you to be open.

5. Give Recognition and Thanks:
Say thanks to your customers and your staff.
You may have already done some of this along the way, but the end of year wrap up is the time for recognizing hard work and good performance through the year.
It’s also time to show your appreciation in some material way.

6. Reflect on the Year with your Team & Assess your Goals:
Gather together with the team and review the good and the not-so-good of the year.
Focus on what can be improved to deliver your goals in the New Year.
Take down at least one action per team member to carry through when you all return to work.
It’s important to look at your biggest successes and biggest failures throughout the year to determine the forward direction of the business.

So then it’s time to switch off from the working year and switch on to some lazy days recharging the batteries.

Happy Christmas and Happy Holidays to all Business Owners and Operators from AC Fitouts.



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