Holidays are good for your Business

When it’s time to hit the beach, it’s also time to truly take time off from your business.
Having a holiday has more than a couple of benefits to making a business successful.
Here’s 5 for starters as we head into Christmas and the holiday season.

  1. Transporting yourself to a new place can freshen up your perspective:
    You don’t have to lie on the beach or sit on a mountain top to be able to think clearly if that’s not your thing. As long as you take a break from the business and transport yourself out of that environment, you’ll be more able to step back and see the big picture of where improvements can be made and where more opportunities lie.
  2. Your holiday is a necessary investment, not an interruption:
    Don’t feel guilty that you’re taking time off. As the year progresses, you and the business might motor on without a “grease and oil change”, making it to the end of the year in need of repairs. Let’s face it, you, especially, as owner or boss, and your staff, are the most valuable assets, so investing in holiday time to get that battery re-charged is vital. A return to work with everyone revitalised and refocused is truly a successful investment.
  3. Taking time off away from constant technology will free the mind:
    Spending time sneaking a look at emails is cheating and doesn’t count as a holiday. You’re really still working. So, turn off work phones and computers, and actually have a break in order to reap the rewards of a good holiday. If you really must attend to some business to ensure you stay in control, then allocate a short space of time per day to deal with pressing issues.
  4. Taking a holiday is will enrich the culture of your business:
    As the person who owns and runs the company, your staff look to you to determine the culture of the business. If you toil away, day after day, you risk creating a toxic culture where your staff feel unable to take time off. The best companies make sure that employees have a fair work/life balance. Set the example by taking your annual leave.
  5. Letting go energises and re-charges you for when it’s time to get back to work:
    The idea of doing something enjoyable or not doing much at all can be a strange concept for business owners who are not used to down time. Leaving work alone for a short period of time is essential. So do something that doesn’t involve calculating costs, balancing time constraints or working to profit margins. Do something which releases the mind from those everyday activities. Create, dream, or do whatever you’d like. It will be sure to energise you so that getting back to working life when the holiday is over will be much easier.

So holiday time is actually good for business.
Consider it as clever therapy!
Enjoy the holiday season.
Happy Christmas to all our readers. Keep Safe over the break.
See you in ‘17!


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