Going, Going, Gone! Make Way for a New Generation of Medical Fitout

Out with the Old!

Soon a fresh generation of new Millennials will be heading up our medical facilities.
A generation who've been introduced to technology in the cradle.
So how different are these medical fitouts going to be, run by a younger band of professionals?

It's already starting to happen.
Here's what we'll see more of in the near future:

Space for Heaps of Collaboration:
Patient Care will be based highly on a Team Approach.
Work environments which encourage and inspire are the future "go".
Medical fitout design will see mobility as a key issue.
This will mean designing areas for informal or spontaneous communication and collaboration for staff.
Add into the mix, flexible team spaces for quiet, heads-down work as well as interaction among care team partners.

A Greater Work-Life Balance for Practitioners:
Millennials are much more focused on their own health and separating working life from private life.
A medical clinic or large practice fitout may soon incorporate staff fitness and relaxation facilities, with break- out  café lounge areas,  private pods for staff to snatch a quick snooze in order to revive and regroup, even an outdoor garden from which staff can pick fresh vegetables for meals. Incorporating wellness with lifestyle is going to be mandatory.

Loads of Multi Tasking:
Using technology skilfully by typing information whilst listening,engaging with the patient and then giving out information to the patient.
This may mean redesigning consulting room layouts so that the practitioner faces a patient whilst using a keyboard and a rotating screen.
Touchscreens too, for patient interaction and education, will be widely used and will need to be located carefully into the fitout.

The Use of Robotics:
They're already revolutionizing the health care industry.
We're seeing robots in drug manufacturing, for moving goods in medical storage facilities, dispensing drugs to patients, and carrying out some surgical procedures.
Already robotics is proving its potential for improving the quality of patient care.
However,the future will hold lots more in terms of direct patient interaction.
Fitouts will need to take into account, spatial needs for the operation of robots in a medical facility.

So many changes are on the horizon.
Exciting, Innovative.
For now, it's "Watch This Space". There's more coming!

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