Give Wall Surfaces an Authentic Finish with Clever “Effects” Paints

If you’re lucky enough to already have some walls, columns or ceilings in exposed concrete, stone or metal finishes, then there’ll be lots of scope in your fitout design.
If there’s only common plasterboard, then by simply using “effects” paints, you can still create an authentic finish.

Today’s clever “effects” ranges of paints take inspiration from natural materials and precious metals in all types of finishes….concrete, stone, burnished copper, bronze, rusted steel.

Here’s just 3 special effects you can easily apply to walls, columns or ceilings to give plasterboard an authentic finish.

Concrete Effect:
Several types of concrete looks can be achieved with this effect.
Modern industrial is one of them.
It’s easy using a concrete textured paint.
You can achieve a variety of finishes from a roughened, gritty surface to a rustic matt finish, depending on which particular paint you use and how it’s applied.
Go one step further and you can have walls looking like pitted concrete.
For a “Luxe” effect, go a little darker in colour and choose a finish that can look a little polished with a subtle sheen and lots of texture.
A darker grey can have a stunning effect.

Stone Effect:
There’s no doubt that walls or columns in aged stone are a timeless look in a fitout.
Using a stone texture will add depth and dimension to any wall, column or ceiling.
So creating the natural finish and texture of stone, either matt or rough with a grainy surface is the way to go, particularly for shops, cafés or bars.
The fine grain which has been added into the paints produces an authentic finish.
There’s a bonus too – Stone effect paints are great for hiding imperfections and irregularities in existing surfaces!

Metallic Effect:
Precious metals always speak luxury.
Gold, silver and other metals like copper, chrome and aluminium are leading the way in contemporary looks for feature walls, columns or ceilings.
The great thing about using metallics is that they have so much scope.
Either age them with a vintage patina by using an additional product or just keep them modern, sharp and crisp as they come!
Metallic effect paints with their lustre and shine are winners at reflecting the light and bouncing it around a space – a great idea to make an area feel more alive and spacious.

So many ways to create an authentic finish.
Look for them in many brands like Dulux, Haymes, Porters, Resene and others. Well worth it!

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