Getting Started in the new Financial Year

Where's the time gone? It's the second half of the year already.

Just when you're taking a breath after June 30th, it's time to re-visit, plan, and make a fresh start.

Here's some Tips to make it easier:

Assess the Success of the Current Fitout:
Take time to look at how successfully your commercial fitout is working for customers and staff.
Do a "walk through", imagining you are a new client or customer approaching your business.

How easily is it to find the entry?
What's drawn you to come in?
Good signage..... An easy approach ...... Great Window Display.....An arresting shopfront?

What's putting you off?
Too many signs.... Lack of Visibility.....Lack of facilities for disabled clients to enter.....A dated shopfront?

How up to date is your fitout?
Are the materials used in these areas looking current and smart?
Flooring ....Wall Finishes.....Lighting.....Display Shelving.....Graphics/Signage.....Furniture?

Is there room for Business Growth in your Fitout:
Determine where your business wants to be within a certain timeframe and then develop a Fitout strategy to get there.

Businesses can retract or expand which creates added costs for owners, so having a plan to accommodate movement like this is absolutely essential.
It may be that you'll need less or more space, so plan for changes to your shop, restaurant, office or medical fitout before it's too late.

Examine  the big picture don't get caught in the detail.

Look at last year and determine how the current fitout held up.
What are its strengths, weaknesses ?
Are there any opportunities for change ?

Set a target for the year.
For example, what growth do you expect in the future 12 months/ 2 years?

Can your space be reorganised to cope for growth?

Streamline Stock:
Take control of stock by organising storage facilities and using the latest software to keep track.

Look into your low return items and work out how to manage them in a new way
Minimise costly storage space as much as you can.
Square meters are gold! Be careful not to waste them unnecessarily.

Automate and Mobilise:
Ditch as much paper accounting and paper storage as you can.
Use email or direct debit downloads for paying and collecting accounts

Think "Automation". It's the most reliable way to gauge how your business is travelling.
The gains are time-savings, better cash flow management, increased visibility and reporting

Make yourself mobile by being able to your vital documents via your mobile device: email, contacts, calendar and so on.

In business, a year can be a long time, so it's important to revisit, assess and look outwards.
New ideas are always on the horizon.
Keep looking so you know when to catch them.

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