Getting customers to recognise your brand: What’s Important about it?

If you’re opening a new business or starting off developing a new product, you’ll want to brand it so that it's recognisable to customers.So it’s important to understand what qualities you’ll want in that brand before moving ahead.
Branding runs through every part of the business.
It’s about everything from what the shop, café, salon, office or product looks like to how you answer phone calls and engage with customers.

As a starting point, ask yourself these useful questions:

How do I define my new brand?
Look into what your strengths and values are.
Pay attention to what you think your business or product has to offer and list a few statements about how this business/product relates to the world. This can lead you to figuring out what aspects you want potential customers to see first.

What do I think my brand stands for?
Many who already have successful brands will respond like “something genuine and authentic".
A good brand should come from something “real” – not fake. And it should come from your own belief in what your business or product does.
So, dig deep to find what you believe about it and follow that thread.

Who am I targeting with my brand?
Pay attention from day one to your target consumers.
Ultimately they’re going to be the ones who make your business or product a success. So, start to develop a relationship with them. Get to know them, look into how they live, what things they like to do for leisure, what products they buy and so on. You’ll be able to piece together a visual ID, so that you can pull potential customers in and encourage them to stick around. It’s a way of stepping out of your own zone and into others’ space.

How am I going to back up my brand?
It amounts to believing in what you do and staying dedicated, so be consistent.
Make sure your brand is across all touch points of client contact including  social media. Ensure you establish “brand promise” and deliver on it.  Consumers won't fall for marketing strategies which aren’t genuine and backed up, nor will they be fooled if your product isn’t up to scratch.

As the marketplace continues to grow, it gets harder to set your brand apart, so be proactive to put yourself out there in the forefront of your customers’ minds.



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