Freshen Up with a new Start to the Year. Here's 5 Ways

Refresh and Recharge!

Everyone's getting back into work now after hopefully a great holiday re-charge.

The beach gear's been packed away, business clothes and school uniforms are in fashion again.
The first week back isn't easy: most of us are guilty of holiday dreaming or planning for the next long weekend to escape the realities "getting back into it".

Let's face it though, the work year is here so it's great to use these fresh early days to plan. Let's take the opportunity to cover a few planning basics for 2015.

Look Back

1      Look and Learn.
Take a trip back over 2014 to see what things you did well and what could have been done better.
Make sure you don't over- analyse the shortfalls of the past year and be too hard on yourself, but make the examination in a positive way.
Think of looking back over the last business year as a Learning Experience to build on.

2      Go back to your Business Plan.
As each month rolls on, a business plan can change, so re-visit it to see if it needs updating.
The outcomes of what you've done in the "Look and Learn" step will probably lead you to change some parts of your plan.

Look Forward

3      Set 2 types of goals: for the year short term and long term.
The short termers might be to change your workspace in some way: to refresh the fitout, to re-design the layout, to upgrade the interior fitout.
A long term goal may be to undertake a larger refurbishment by extending your retail or office space by building more floor area. Goals may also involve developing a new income stream, or hiring a new staff member.

4      Build your Brand.
This is a vital move to make.
Your business brand has a personality so think of it in these terms. Ask yourself what does our business believe in?  What is its purpose? Have we been on track with this belief have we digressed?
Questions like this will help to re-identify the character of your company and keep it brand-focused.

5     Establish or fine tune your Infrastructure to keep things running smoothly.
Take a look at your office systems. They most probably will involve accounting, meeting agendas, customer booking systems, client follow-ups.
Whatever it is, keep them simple. Resist the urge to complicate them too much.
Keep focused on time management so that you're not weighing yourself or your staff down with red tape.

So, take time to re-visit these basics of kick start your business this new year and continue on the road to success.

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