Driving Your Business Through the Roadblocks

Map out a Path to keep your Business on Track

Who hasn't had a rough day at the office, retail business, cafe or medical practice?
Most of us would own up on at least one occasion to going home at the end of the day pretty disappointed with the process of that day.
When this happens, we need to go back to the basics and ask what attracted us to our business in the first place and what motivated us to get it all started.

Here's 5 Useful Tips:

1. Question yourself: Why am I doing this? What's driving me?
If being your own boss and having freedom and independence is on the top of the list, then there's every reason to stay on track.
If there's other great reasons, identify them and put them down.
Remind yourself: What were the goals I set for my business? Am I achieving them? Which ones aren't I reaching?
List the "achieved" and "unachieved" goals and from there, begin to analyse what's working and what's not.
2. Create a Short Term "Action List" from the above.
Visualise where you're heading.
Think of a road map. You've started at a certain point, headed in the direction of building success, but along the way, may have taken a wrong turn, or back-tracked.
If you can, try to visualize getting back and heading in the right direction again with clear and accurate business actions to set you on your way.
3 Get up to speed.
It may be that you need to improve some underlying practices like using smarter technology, sending staff on training courses to improve their skills, networking more effectively, or taking on a new skill set yourself.
There may be a need to improve your physical space by undertaking a new fitout or refurbishing part of your fitout.
These will have an associated cost, but be careful not to baulk at spending some dollars to improve the business and smooth the road ahead.
4. Be persistent.
Don't give up at the first turn.
The lack of persistence can actually be the cause of failure, so don't give up at the first sign of a road block.
When starting a business of any kind, you need to stay on the road, no matter what.
Stay positive and resist listening too hard to any negativity.
If you set a course to make a success of your business, positivity will set you well ahead towards getting there.
5. Be Flexible.
If this course of action needs tuning, then tune!
Be flexible enough to change and try another strategy if the plan isn't working well.
It's all about performing the mechanics of making observations, doing progress checks then getting things done.
Don't be afraid to recognize that an introduced action isn't working and make the change.

Business isn't static.
It travels, dodges and weaves its way along a road of hills and dales.
Map out a course, be the driver and be ready to move with it.

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