Done a brand refresh? Cost effective ways to get your new look

Your brand is one of the most important components of your business.
It’s an expression of your company’s personality and style. It shows the market who you are, what you do and how you do it. Like anything visual, a  brand refresh needs to be done over time to remain current.

Staying with an existing logo for many many years (think Coca-Cola) can be extremely successful, however keeping with the same styling, messaging and collateral is not.
Think about the changes Coca-Cola have undergone over the years, continually updating and refreshing their brand to stay relevant to their changing customer base.

Changes to brands can be done by the way of a “brand refresh” which is most commonly where companies retain their existing logo but update the look of surrounding components such as colour scheme, collateral design and digital presence. Or it can be done by the way of a “re-brand” where the logo is changed as well as all other components of the brand including styling and collateral.

Most often, companies will undergo a brand refresh. They will utilise a slightly different colour scheme (that is more on trend in the current market) and update their fonts, surrounding messaging and collateral (both print and digital). This is commonly done every 5 years. If you undergo a brand refresh it’s very important to make sure you carry it out across all components of your business, including in your fitout. If a client views your updated brand online then comes to your premises and there is an inconsistency in your brand’s appearance; your company can appear confused and loses strength in the mind of the client.

Here’s some easy cost effective ways to update your fitout to reflect your new look:


The first item on your list should be signage. This is a no-brainer. If you have updated your company colours and fonts, make sure this is updated on your signage the same day your brand refresh goes live. When it comes to signage though, be clever about how you apply it. Keep it simple. Apply one large, clear sign at the entry to your premises. If you are a stand alone shop or medical centre this is easier than if you are an office in amongst an office park. If you are the latter, keep to the one main sign above your tenancy and also utilise a directional sign at the entry to the carpark or communal grounds and on any pylon signs available. We recommend avoiding multiple signs across the faces of your premises. Besides looking unappealing, this is also confusing for people trying to enter your building as they gravitate towards the signage and expect that the entry door will be below.

To keep costs down, be clever about how your signage is designed, keeping in mind you may undergo another brand refresh in 5 years time. We suggest breaking your signage into 2 components – your logo on one component, and any supporting information on another. The 2 components can be applied immediately side by side so they appear as 1 sign. This way, when you update in 5 years time, you can just replace the information component and keep your logo component fixed. This also allows you to spend more of your budget on your logo component by utilising better materials, incorporating embossed or debossed elements or using back lighting, but keep the information panel simpler so it is more cost effective to update over time. Also, just feature your logo on any additional signs (such as pylon or directional signs), don’t include additional information here. This keeps your logo clear and prominent in these locations, and also means they don’t need to be updated each time you undergo a brand refresh.

Colour & Graphics

This may seem obvious or self explanatory, but we’re not talking about painting every wall in your office with your updated colour scheme. Keep it simple. Choose one key wall at the entry of your fitout, or in the client area and keep remaining walls neutral. A splash of your new colour here and there will have more impact and style than blasting the new colour throughout your entire space. Also get cleverer with how you showcase your brand’s colour by incorporating it through art and wall graphics. Maybe it’s through a large abstract piece in your waiting area that incorporates your brand’s new colour scheme. Or perhaps it’s through the commissioning of a wall graphic that is based around your new colour of key messaging campaign. It could even be through open coloured framing or semi-transparent panelling which could be used to break up spaces in your waiting area or divide your reception area from your back of house workspaces.

Be playful and have fun with your new look!

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