Cutting Corners - A Building Trap

Cutting Corners can be Avoided - Plan Ahead

Lots of clients get caught up in having to cut corners once the building process of their fitout has already begun.
It’s mostly because the project wasn’t planned well enough.

Here are some ways to avoid the trap.

1. Having a Good set of Plans.  It’s a Win.

The need for having good, well documented drawings is a strongly advised move. Well- detailed plans help both client and fitout builder.
How? The client understands exactly what the end product will look like and will have a very close idea of costs from the builder.

The builder will be able to cost the commercial build or renovation accurately, knowing what the plans ask for.  So, it’s a win-win for both sides.

2. Do your Research beforehand:  Seek, Read, Ask

Before you start your upgrade or refit, be settled about things like:
The  premises being right for your business-  having the right amount of floor space, good exposure, opportunities for further expansion, having a reasonable landlord, likely rent increases and so on.

What you want in your new fitout:  large meeting areas, a spacious window display, a dual access sterilising room, plenty of parking or whatever it might be.
Settle on these & incorporate them in your plans so that along the way, you’re not having to change your mind or cut corners because of costs you didn’t expect.

3. Talk to your Fitout builder : Ask & Listen.

Find out about ways to handle the build and not cut corners – before you get started, that is.
Renovating or refurbishing your office, surgery, shop, showroom or factory requires a good deal of skill and experience in working out the most efficient way of handling the build.

Take time to discuss this with the fitout team. Quality over Quantity is the go.

4. Any Freebies? Find out.

If appropriate, ask your landlord about making a contribution to your fitout– before you get started.
In many cases, incentives are offered to have you as a tenant. It’s a question worth asking.

Be sure to clear up who pays for what in your fitout. Some costs could be the landlord’s, not yours.
You need to know from the start what your budget has to cover, so that later on you don’t cut corners.

5. Get those Boxes Ticked.

Get the right Approvals before you start building.  You can’t cut corners on this one, though some do try!
Talk to the fitout team or your designers if you aren’t sure of what boxes you need to tick in this department.

Anything could apply from Town Planning Approvals to a simple Food Licence. Be sure to check and seek all approvals.
No cutting corners.

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