Connecting your restaurant or cafe to the community

Café, restaurant and bar owners are finding many ways to interact with their biggest fans – their local community. Creating an environment that is suited to the needs and desires of the people who support these businesses most, while establishing a unique point of difference, is crucial to the success of a local meeting place.

Here are 4 ways to successfully link your café or restaurant with the local community:

  1. Reinvent an old building.
    An old office building, a defunct warehouse, the little old house on the corner? These make popular spaces to set up a café or restaurant with character and a great story to tell. Whether it’s historically listed or just plain old fashioned, this type of building can be the perfect spot. Expert analysis of the building’s structural integrity is fundamental to the safety of these projects. Exposing and celebrating existing features is also essential to their success. Lots of TLC and creative thinking is required for these fitouts, but what a way to keep a historical asset alive within the community.
  2. Repurpose the rooftop.
    Rooftops provide a great sunny, open space to set up a café, restaurant or bar. The Gold Coast boasts year-round, beautiful weather providing the ideal climate for outdoor dining. A rooftop is an oasis from the hustle and bustle of street life by day, and are a great attraction as an open-air destination with panoramic views by night. Navigating council regulations for these fitouts can be a complex step, but engaging an AC Fitouts expert will see this stage of negotiation progress with ease. Previously under-utilised roof spaces can be transformed with vibrant sprouting potted plants, vines climbing over structures to create shelter, lighting strung casually -  a rooftop café, bar or kitchen is the place to be.
  3. Hide within suburbia.
    The success of a café or restaurant is no longer determined by its location. With the rise of social media influence, patrons are becoming more aware of local establishments and are keen to support businesses hidden within their immediate community. These places are often bursting with personality and heart, with a sense of pride and ownership. Simple refurbishment of an existing dwelling can create a welcoming homely vibe to create a place for people of all ages in the community to interact and enjoy.
  4. Paddock (or veggie patch) to plate.
    As restaurateurs across the globe are discovering, the public is increasingly concerned about where their vegetables are grown, what their produce is sprayed with and how far their meat has travelled. A venue that celebrates its local produce, and better still, grow some of their own, will be sure to impress local diners. A fitout that shows off cooking practises and focusses on taking diners through the gardens to experience a connection with their food will be celebrated and welcomed within the community. Children can also be catered for with an interactive play space, everybody wins!

Café and restaurant owners are in the box seat when it comes to establishing an icon within their community. Embracing the needs of customers and focusing on creating a welcoming and functional space guarantees the success of a café or restaurant fitout. This, AC Fitouts can do. The menu and cooking – we’ll leave that part to the experts!

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