Christmas Theme Ideas can Energise a Retail, Office or Cafe Space

The Christmas Season is an inspiration for business owners to “theme up” their retail, café, restaurant or office space.
It’s a time to create some magic for both customers and workers.
It’s amazing how you can change the energy and vitality of a space by introducing new, yet familiar themes.

Usually there’s a tree.
Simply decide on what the theme will be and stick to that.
Rather than scatter random decorations everywhere, be clear in what your theme is.

Here’s 3 Theme Ideas:

Australian Natural Theme
Create a natural Australian feel by using flora and fauna and highlighting them with natural textures.
Use a soft colour palette but mix in some rustic elements.
It’s a fairly easy way of themeing a space without breaking the budget.
Make use of natural things you already have or can make, for instance, natural wreaths, fruits and flowers, candles, twigs and leaves.
Think smoky green, light greys, softer browns. Imagine walking in the Australian bush for more inspiration.

A Winter Wonderland
Even though it’s summer here, the traditional “look” of Christmas has a lot to do with winter.
It’s the fairytale we love to keep alive: having a white Christmas.
So the luxury of snow filled windows, warm Christmas lights, cosy corners with a fireplace, loads of pine tree greenery is still so appealing.
If you have a shop front window, frame it with beading, snowflakes, lights or greenery and draw attention to what is on show within the window. And keep what's on display simple!
Frosty whites and champagne colours are a treat for this theme. Add some pops of red into this mix for tradition.

A Magical Silent Night:
Go non-traditional with a mysterious, enchanting and regal theme of the three kings.
Play up textures, introduce jewels and embroideries of red rubies and shimmering gold threads and make use of rich bright blues or purples, silvers and golds.
It’s splendour and richness you’ll want to create for this magical theme.

Putting time and effort into themeing a space can mean improvement in customer traffic and employee relationships.
Definitely worth the effort!

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