All My Business Wants for Christmas

A Wish List

So the year is at an end. Only 2 more sleeps till AC Fitouts closes up for a Christmas break.

We are finalising the last of our clients' fitouts for the year. At the same time, work is gearing up for a start back on January 12th with a couple of fresh, exciting commercial fitouts.

As we head into celebrations and holidays, we've been asking our clients from across the year, what the One Christmas Wish for their business would be.

We'd love to share:

- "I'd like to actually Stick to my Business Plan instead of heading off on a tangent all the time. I get too distracted on micro managing."

- "More Room to grow. My new Fitout's great but already I think we need more space. We're growing so fast."

- "No Question - more Social Media time! I never have time to update Facebook, Tweet or Blog. I'm too busy doing other stuff."

- "Keeping my Cash Flow running. It's always a battle."

- "My wish is for more Networking. I need to meet others in the same boat, share ideas and problems. In the New Year, I'm going to search out a like- minded group of local business owners like me to chat to."

- "My business needs a New Brand. That's first priority for the New Year. We've done a great looking Fitout, but haven't carried any new branding through yet. A bit of a mistake!"

- "Definitely the ability to personally Inspire my Staff every day. I want them to look forward coming to work all the time and be able to transfer their enthusiasm to my clients."

- "Probably getting to know my customers more on a more personal level. I wish for more time to spend on that, but it's tough finding it in the course of my day."

- "More Thinking and Planning Time. Yeah, I'd love that. Most times, I'm dealing with day to day issues and don't get enough time to see the big picture."

- "Less Red Tape. I'm "the One" in a micro business and I deal with the whole lot. Less red tape would be top of my list."

What a great list of hopes and wishes!

Our hopes and wishes are for all of these business operators to be able to put their dreams into practice so that they can prosper in 2015.

It's been a fantastic year knowing all of them and also sharing our thoughts and ideas with all of our Blog readers.

Come back to visit us at AC Fitouts in the New Year.
Until then, Merry Christmas, Safe Holidays and Happy New Year!

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