Business Owners - Be kind to yourself this Christmas

Tis the Season to be kind and to share.

This Christmas, we want to share some ideas we've gathered along the way
about being kind to ourselves whilst we stop to take a break.

Many, like us, find it difficult to stop and relax after working long and hard all year.
We're good at keeping an eye on our business affairs but not on ourselves.

Here's 6 Tips to say goodbye to work and hello to a holiday.

1. Turn off your work phone. That's a no-brainer.
Checking incoming messages is an anxiety grabber and making "just one call" can be the start of something big, so don't start!

2. Engage with your surroundingsĀ  - whether you're travelling, chilling on the beach or just staying at home, take time to look at what's around you.
It's amazing what you don't see when you're hard at work.
Get outside and take 5 minutes out of every day to really look up and out.
You can see a whole new world if you're looking.

3. Say no to overplanning.
Don't overcrowd your holiday with too many things to do.
It's not the time to tick off loads of chores on a list.
The idea is to have the time to be "in the moment" and not have a deadline looming over your head.
One activity a day is usually heaps.

4. Try to be healthier.
Take the chance to get more sleep, drink less alcohol, eat healthy, fresh food and use your holiday time to exercise.
Being time poor is not on the agenda for a while.
Yoga and meditation aren't hard core exercises for those who are not too keen.
The healthier we are, the more we can focus when we're back into work.

5. Do something different or do something you haven't done for ages.
Pick up a novel to read, create something from scratch, go bushwalking, dig out some old music you've loved and play it again.
Whatever it is, make it a "new or a new-old experience".
The thrill of doing something like this can create a buzz and breathe new energy into life.

6. Plan your return to work wisely.
Think about how to avoid stress before re-entering work.
Give yourself a little bit of time in the last few days to get your head around work before you return.
There could be simple things like having someone you can rely on sort through your emails, delete the junk, respond to anything urgent, and put anything important into a special folder.
Some say it's a useful way of not falling into stress mode on the first morning back.

So, it's time for many of us to down tools, enjoy a break, re-charge the batteries and look about us to find new things in other people and places.

To all of our clients, friends and colleagues, Happy Christmas and Happy Holidays.
Let's all return in the New Year, fresh, energetic and ready to go!

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