Business branding 101: How your design fitout can increase brand awareness

Whether you’re starting a new business or want to get your existing company noticed, establishing and growing a strong brand can be crucial for increasing customer awareness and sales. Custom retail fitouts give business owners the chance to start from the ground up and maximise brand image in every aspect of their premises.

Importance of business branding

Business branding is a way for businesses to stand out in their industries and encourage customers to buy their products and services over those of competitors. A strong brand embodies a business’ values, unique qualities and strengths, and should make a strong impression that stays in the memory and encourages repeat sales.
Establishing a brand

When planning shop fitouts, consider what the layout of your premises says about your brand. Will your customers be drawn to crowded or minimal displays? What colours and materials would be most appropriate for surfaces and furnishings? Will your customers appreciate the sustainability measures you put in place?

If you’re just starting out in your business, market research could give you revealing insights into consumer habits to inform your fitouts and other aspects of branding, such as choosing a suitable business name and designing an eye-catching logo that can be incorporated into your premises, on uniforms and in promotional materials.
Growing your brand

Once your brand has been established, consistent promotion will help to get you noticed. Choosing large windows and entrance displays in your retail fitout will give you the ideal platforms to advertise your brand to passers-by, especially if these displays are rotated and updated throughout the year to keep them fresh and eye-catching. You should continue to research the market and the success of your branding, and prepare for the possibility of rebranding in the future to keep your business current.
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