Bosses Making A Difference

This week, the buzzword is the G20, particularly in our own AC Fitouts backyard: in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast.
The big bosses of the world are getting together and making decisions about a basketload of issues and communicating them around the globe.
It’s got us thinking about this concept on a fitout level, about how bosses communicate with their staff and how they need to position themselves in the modern commercial office environment.

From a fitout point of view, that can mean various things:

Creating a position in the midst of the staff to convey inclusiveness and ease of availability.
A roomy workstation or a separate transparent office with plenty of glass allows the boss to be seen.
A people - focused strategy leads to a strong company culture and can begin with the physical location of the boss’s office.
An office with an open door or better still, no door at all, keeps the channels of communication open.
A sure recipe for success!
Creating a mobile office culture is an extension of this concept.
We’re seeing much less paper and storage and more electronic communication than ever before which
frees everyone up to not be tied to the same point anymore.
And we’ve spoken in other posts about shared desks which can be height adjustable to unlock workers
from cave-like workstations.
Modern office culture reaches to all levels of staff so that bosses are mobile and can work from shared spaces
just as easily as any staff member.
Being able to work alongside others, to seek their co-operation and respect is a very healthy way to
keep staff engaged and motivated!

Creating a multi-purpose meeting room/ area rather than a boardroom.
The executive style boardroom as part of contemporary commercial office fitout is a bit like the formal
dining room at home – it’s disappearing!
What we are seeing in many of our commercial fitout projects is that the idea of having a boardroom is
too hierarchical and too expensive in terms of renting floor space.
Clients are opting for multi-purpose spaces instead.
One reason is that a boardroom is rarely used and can be a waste of space.
Another equally important reason is that it’s too exclusive and has no place in the way we conduct business any more.
So, meetings, interviews and conference calls now take place in open environments ranging from
screened “rooms” to green, internal garden courtyards to café-style areas.
So cool!

Creating a space within the fitout to have some fun!
The old-school office “break-out’ area has been a verandah or a courtyard, maybe even a kitchen where staff can get away and take a break.
How about then, a games zone, a hanging garden, a yoga or boxing room or an internal mini golf course?
These are places where a break from the desk means a new activity, often engaging with others in the
commercial workplace.
Boss and staff members together creating some fun, sometimes celebrating success, always communicating on a different level.
It’s leadership in a new form.

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