The Big Offenders in Fitout Maintenance - Electrics and Plumbing.

Hit the emergency button!

There's a burst pipe, an overloaded switchboard and a blocked drain.
You've got a café full of customers, a shop full of expensive stock or a waiting room in darkness!

Ugh! Last minute problems often mean loss of trade and lots of lost time.
Take heart - they can be avoided.

A good maintenance programme for your commercial business fitout should be on the radar.

It's like having a check -up at the doctor.
You can avoid so many emergencies down the track by having a maintenance check.

Here's a snapshot of what is covered in a regular maintenance program on electrical and plumbing.
Quick and Easy:


All power points should be tested to ensure they are safe and in working order

All appliances should be tested to ensure they are safe to operate and that the switchboard is geared to take their load.
Often business owners add appliances as their business expands: a new cooker, an extra fridge, an additional air conditioning unit.
Make sure the switchboard is checked by an electrician to ensure it can take the added load.

All appliances should be inspected to be free of dust, dirt, grease etc.

All light switches, light fittings should be tested to be in working order. Nothing worse than a fitout where some lights are blown!

Danger signs like burns around switches, fittings and fuses should be immediately addressed. And that's Immediately! All wiring should be checked.

All exhaust fans and their external filters should be checked and kept clean.

Heating or air conditioning installations should be checked for normal operation. An air conditioning maintenance contractor may need to do this.

The Security System should be checked and test run to ensure it is in top working order.


Water pressure in the hot and cold taps should be checked .
Usually several taps will be turned on at the same time to determine if there is any drop in pressure.

The Hot Water Unit and its relief valve need to be checked to ensure there is no leakage or rust.

Good Drainage to sinks is essential, particularly if you have a hospitality fitout.
Your maintenance plumber will probably fill all sinks to check the flow and also to see if there is any pipe noise (gurgling) in the system.
Likewise, drainage to all toilets will be checked. Blockages are common to both sinks and toilets in commercial fitouts. It's essential they run freely all the time.

Taps, Toilets, Sinks should also be checked for leaks and cracks. Their splashbacks, particularly if they are tiled, need to be water tight and free of any chips and cracks.

The dishwasher should be checked to ensure there are no hose cracks or leaks in the water pipes.

Yes, Quick and Easy Maintenance on a regular basis will save you headaches and keep your commercial premises up to scratch.
Often Commercial Fitout Contractors do regular maintenance checks, so call the experts to get started.

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