Are Benches up to Standard in Your Food Prep Fitout?

Does your commercial fitout prepare food?
If so, you'll probably know that all food prep fitouts need to comply with local authority standards.
Wherever the location, these standards will be very similar, but be sure to double check for what’s relevant in your area.

Here’s 10 points to guide you.

  1. Bench top surfaces should be made from stainless steel, impervious laminate, solid surface eg: Corian, Staron, Hi Macs or similarly approvable materials
  2. The edges of benches and shelves should be joint-free -no edge strips to collect bacteria. In other words, they should be moulded so that there’s no opportunity for unhealthy organisms to collect.
  3. Bench tops which need to take heat should be stainless steel or made from a similar heat resistant material.
  4. Splashbacks in food prep fitouts should be at least 300mm up the wall above the bench and generally be made from stainless steel.
  5. Where benches are fixed, splashbacks generally should be coved up the wall to a 300mm height, therefore not separated from the bench.
  6. Most local authorities will allow food prep benches to be free standing but they must stand away from a wall at a distance of approximately 150mm.
  7. All walls behind free-standing benches should be fully sheeted with an impervious material eg: stainless steel or be tiled, usually to a height of around 2 metres.
  8. The underside of food prep benches and tables should be sealed with an impervious finish.
  9. Usually a food prep benchtop will need to have a raised edge to contain any spillages.
  10. Serving counters must be smooth and unbroken, free of cracks and open joints and should be made of an impervious material.

When it comes to food prep fitouts, don’t cut corners.
Get that homework done and check with your local authority to see all the right bases are covered!

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