Airport Retail is raising the Bar - 5 Ways to be part of it

Passengers are now wise shoppers who demand more than medium quality in shop fitouts, service and merchandise.

Operators are now selecting well-known, mid to higher-end brands for their retail centres.
AC Fitouts build and fit out a wide range of airport retail and hospitality spaces.

We've come up with some useful ways of making airport retail really work.

1. Store fitout has to meet the mark.
Whether it's fashion, fine food, books, cosmetics or wine, the bar is high.
Airport operators will rightly demand a high level of finish and good design.
So, the store layout, shopfront, lighting, display, signage all need professional hands on deck.
Finishes have to be robust but at the same time, very appropriate and attractive.
Good design and specifications are a must. Seek professional expertise to help you through.

2. The Price Point has to be right.
Retailers are competing with city and even online stores.
Traditionally, what you buy at the airport has an inflated price tag.
To compete, try to be on a level playing field on price.

3. Make your "Special Buys" or Emotional Purchases stand out.
Innovative signage is important to make sure passengers who might not otherwise make a purchase, stop, take notice then buy.

4. Cater not only for passengers but the families or friends who accompany them.
This is particularly relevant if you're a café owner.
Create menus for those who are farewelling or welcoming travellers as well.
Devise specials which not only help the purse strings but also remove the need to put together a meal on their return home.

5. Consider new types of services if your style of retail is appropriate.
For instance, "pick up on your return", "home delivery" to locals are great ways of value adding to airport businesses.
Think beyond the square to find new services for your type of business and passengers who pass by your shopfront.

It's a new level of service and business operation on offer at all major airports now.
Making a mark can make it a success!

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