8 Great Ideas for delivering quality Student Accommodation

It's pretty daunting and hands-down stressful if you're a young student moving into accommodation far away from home.

Where you live plays an important role in determining your overall happiness and academic success.
So, what can providers do to achieve the best living spaces for students?

Here's 8 great ideas for delivering quality Student Accommodation:

Cosmopolitan areas near the CBD provide social activity and interaction which are necessary for integration into the community.
It's good not to isolate a student area too much from central infrastructure nor from the Educational Institution which will help to enhance the Campus experience.

Make sure there's plenty of choices for good transport to and from classes and to and from social points in the city.
Having  minimal travel distances whilst  giving students a chance to explore their new city is a huge bonus.

Layouts for Everyone:
Try to offer a mix of varying layouts including studio, one, two, five and six-bedrooms catering for a wide range of needs.
Even consider offering accommodation for small families or couples if possible.

Modern, Contemporary Design and Finishes:
The student vibe is youthful, energetic and definitely living in the moment.
So, in terms of accommodation fitout, rooms and apartments should have a fresh, modern feel.
Finishes for desk tops, storage, bathrooms, flooring, lighting, lounge areas should be robust yet tasteful and contemporary.
A modern student fitout will assist a college or university to not only attract but retain more students.

Natural Air and Light:
Try to make maximum use of natural air and light.
Having a connection with the outside world does a great deal for the emotional health of students who are living far away from home.
Features like floor to ceiling windows, balconies, common courtyards should be part of the overall design.

Offer Cleaning Packages as part of the Cost:
A no-brainer!
Students are notoriously untidy so providing cleaning services will help to maintain the facility to the best standards and increase the longevity of the fitout.

Common Areas:
Amongst the generic features in a student fitout, there's usually: TV, a Study/Reading zone, Games area, Gym, Swimming Pool , BBQ,  bike storage racks.
However, there could also be for consideration: a community garden, a recording room for making videos and sound tracks, a studio room for pursuits like art, photography, craft etc.
Fresh and interesting new age ideas which interest the student demographic  are worth incorporating in a new accommodation facility to encourage a sense of community and belonging.

Think of the Environment:
Let's start with water saving bathroom ware- taps, showers, WC's  and move on to 5-star rated appliances, windows that open for flow-through,  low odour paints, recyclable floor coverings, energy efficient lighting the list goes on.
A fitout for student accommodation is the perfect platform to be enviro conscious.

Whether it's on-campus or off, quality managed accommodation is ideal in the student world.

Create facilities for Focus, Friendship and Achievement to be top of the class!

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