6 Things Retailers Tell us about Self Service.

Technology is moving at a cracking pace.
Quick, convenient service is in demand more than ever.
People are time poor.
That’s why having self service options within a retail store can often win.
Here’s what some retailers have to tell us:
Self service is easy way of predicting demand for certain products.
We can tell relatively quickly what sells and what doesn’t.
It makes it relatively simple for us to control and predict stock levels.
Self service is an efficient way for certain types consumers to purchase.
They enter the store, don’t need to communicate too much with anybody, buy what they need to, and leave.
That type of “interaction” suits a certain body of customers.
By having a self serve section in our store as well as full service, we can cater for all types of customers.
Taking a half-way step between self service and staff-assisted self service can be a successful way of introducing
a new concept into retail trading.
Customers are welcomed by a staff member and directed to a self service area where they’re shown the benefits
of using this type of service.
They interact with a “real person” on arrival.
They feel more engaged.
From the retailer’s viewpoint, the cost of having only one staff member serving multiple customers at once,
reduces our overheads without compromising service quality.
It’s a great way of being able to upsell products.
Customers come into the store to buy their “regular” products and when doing so,
usually impulse buy at the self service stations.
We offer “product recommendations” and “product reviews” at these stations, and as a result,
our customers are far more likely to order additional items and products.
Our tech savvy customers love the touch screens we’ve installed for self ordering.
Demand, particularly from the millennial customer base, is growing strongly.
Our retail store is proud to show that we’re listening to customer needs and speaking their language.
We have some security concerns.
It seems that unscrupulous customers are more likely to steal via self service,
partly because they don’t need to interact with a human face of the business.
It can be a fairly open opportunity to cheat.
Supermarkets are currently facing a huge problem with customers “under scanning” the value of items.
It’s a difficult and costly problem that retailers need to solve.

It’s all about the future.
Form firm relationships with your retail customers.
Meet their needs and expectations by considering some self service options in your store.

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