5 Ways to Give your Customers a Sweet Deal

You can spend buckets of money on marketing tactics and advertising to attract customers to your business, but make sure those dollars are directed in the right way.

1.Make the fitout appealing.
Whether it's a shop, office, café, surgery or bar, the fitout has to invite your customers or clients in.
Physical environments are crucial in a competitive market.
Appearance is one of the key factors in getting customers to buy.
Keeping ahead of the rest, renewing and renovating regularly are all part of the current commercial world.
Renewing the image of your premises every couple of years is part of the expectation of your customer base.
2.Create an experience for Customers.
Draw people in with an attractive shopfront and then create a great experience once there.
Ask yourself what type of experience would I want?
Probably a memorable one that will leave you wanting more.
Go through the paces of how your customer will get this experience -
ie: when do they first interact with your business? When do they stop?
The longer the experience, the greater the chance to build a strong relationship.
3.Be clear to them about what your business stands for.
That means, having a good, stable and communicable brand.
Your brand must clearly communicate a message not only about your products or services, but also about your business.
It is a great tool to put a business "out there" and make it visible.
It will influence your customers' decisions and it will build trust in your business.
Get strong and experienced advice about establishing the identity of the business.
4.Understand your Customers.
That means knowing what your customers are  buying, and what services they are demanding.
It also means finding out about what they know about you and what you have to offer.
So, it's a two-fold understanding to engage in.
Identify how new customers heard about you.
Ask how they rate your brand. Invite feedback when you develop something new.
Find out what appeals to them about your business and how important it is to them.
These are some things which must be understood to take the business forward.
5. Provide Technology for  them:
Mobile Technology is a must, so integrate smartphones into your business applications.
Customers want to make or confirm bookings via SMS, receive alerts, make purchases on a smartphone.
Cloud based marketing software is widely available to help you connect with customers throughout the entire buying cycle.
It allows you to track and monitor the different aspects of your business creating efficiencies and productivity.
The Cloud is here to stay, so get savvy with what huge range of options are on offer to small business.

Stay focused on customer experience to reach that competitive advantage for business success.

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