5 'Must Do's" to get your Retail Business ahead with Instagram

Who would have thought that Facebook and Twitter are fading in the face of Instagram? Instagram is now an incredibly useful tool for retail  businesses to self-promote.

Here's 5 things to do to get your retail business ahead by using Instagram.

1. Build Confidence
Bring the business to your audience in a personal way, by sharing interesting experiences and everyday things with them.
Behind the scenes images are great for this.
It's a way to connect and let the audience in to what's going on.
Tell them about your approach to helping the local community, your involvement in any programs,
interesting things about the company's history, events you've organised and so on.
Build a profile of trust and reliability with people through images which speak of the company's values.

2. Give them a Sneak Peak.
Give your audience a sneak peek at a new product, a collection, or a service you're about to launch.
A good lead up time for this is a week before it's actually launched.
Add to this, an offer for the first 25/50/100 purchases made during the "sneak peek week" with an attractively discounted price.
Promotions, bonuses, special offers and announcements are highly shared posts in social media. Use them to increase your engagement!

3. Be Inspirational.
It's all about showing your customers how they can live the best lives they can by using your products
or writing them into their life story in some way.
Using images of the product in action, in an exotic location or with other aspirational products can achieve this.
Images that inspire is the key.

4. Be Educational.
Give your audience information about your product(s) which educates them.
Information about how it improves their health, their fitness, complexion or fashion sense provides yet another great way of communicating with them.
Instagram posts which tell a story like this are more than just "picture posts" and can hold a deal of credibility.

5. Be Interactive.
Create tasks for your audience.
For instance, get them completely involved by encouraging them to present images using your product(s) say a fashion item, to create a "look".
It's a way of getting the brand out there in a proactive way, with customers having to think about how it is to be used,
how it works and so on.
Make sure, too, that you reply to posts which have complimented your business or product.
Spending time doing this engages you with your followers.

In a nutshell, it's all about quality.
So before you post: spend time planning content, take quality photos and set it all up to reflect your deliberate business strategies!

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