5 Egg-citing Ways Social Media can help Promote your Business Brand

It might be only one type of marketing strategy, but Social Media can really help your business brand.
Here’s some simple ideas to try to promote your brand.
It’ll be an investment in time and to some extent, funds, but for many types of businesses, these ways can egg-cite an audience.

1    Facebooking and Instagramming :
Launch a Seasonal Facebook or Instagram Campaign: Easter, Christmas, Footy Finals, Melbourne Cup are a few occasions. All are great chances to get creative with social media content to put your business out there. For instance, post photos of special seasonal offers, menus or products you want to promote, create a competition with a prize to the winner. Its best if you offer a prize that showcases your own products or services.
A tip: the prize value should match the level of effort it takes to enter – filling out contact details as opposed to submitting a video.
You can even broaden your reach on your website, just to cover as many bases as possible.
Whatever it is, celebrate the spirit by getting your followers egg-cited.

2  Snapchatting:
Use Snapchat as a useful promotional tool – if you have the right type of business. If you’re in food retailing especially, the instant photo feature could be a heap of fun. Post enticing images of a couple of delicious menu items or products and ask people to snap pictures of themselves eating them.  Instantly, the followers can receive a special offer or code to get a discount on their next purchase, but they only have a small window of opportunity to claim it. This type of campaign is especially good for a younger demographic and their desired food types.

3    Linking In with other Businesses:
Use Linked In to engage your audience by posting updates through your company page – eg: blogposts, product launches, or just general information that may be interesting to your customers. The material should be up to date, relevant to the audience and definitely as regular as every week at the least. After followers comment on your posts, make sure you engage with them because they could be your future customers, suppliers or even investors.

4    Tweeting every Weekday:
Yes, it’s true Twitter is less of a social network like Facebook, Snapchat are - it’s more of a news network. So, use it for that purpose. Create a weekday calendar to share content with your audience on Twitter. Remember, you don’t have to create original content all the time. News or commentary from a third party is purely acceptable. So tweet about industry topics on one day, hop across to customer and employee news on another, get egg-cited about special promotions at the beginning of the week and so on.

5    Sponsoring a Cause on Facebook,
Instagram + Linked In:

Attach your brand to a socially responsible cause by helping to sponsor a community event, but be careful about what type of event it is. Use your business name and logo selectively, especially when it comes to branded products, sponsorships, and events. A brand name reflects the values of the business.  When that brand partners with a cause, another company or product, it should relate well to it, otherwise it will seem fake and inconsistent to customers. Genuineness is the key to get people egg-cited about your brand

Get the word out.
Hop into making good use of social media right now.


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