Medical examinations and treatments are very often associated with emotional tension.
So the need for practitioners to provide a calm, stress-free environment is a priority.
Helping patients to feel safe and reassured by using good lighting techniques will go a long way towards their healing and well-being.

Here’s 4 things to consider:

  1. Use a combination of indirect and direct lighting.
    Indirect lighting can shine softly upwards and provide gentle illumination for ambience and general vision in the room.
    Direct lighting will provide optimal,specialised lighting for practitioners to examine and treat a patient.
  2. Lighting should be used to soothe and calm the mind of the patient.
    Illuminating a space which reduces stress, relaxes the mind and is very pleasant to be in is the key.
    Keep in mind that to create a positive and reassuring impression, use soft, indirect lighting flowing from the ceiling or the walls.
    Choose a wide beam to give high uniformity and good vertical light.
  3. Lighting influences the concentration and mood of the practitioner.
    So seek advice on the functionality and effects of specialised directional task lights as well as general direct lights.
    Lighting designers and engineers can assist with specifications of fittings which not only reduce fatigue and glare but otimise the ability to examine, treat and complete a task as efficiently as possible.
    Using the latest LED technology for consistent light output, stability of skin color and good color rendering is highly important.
  4. Lighting should be as energy efficient as possible.
    Energy consumption, running costs of lighting should be high on the list but not at the expense of performance when it comes to the illumination of a medical environment.
    For added efficiency, consider having each light fitting or group of fittings switched separately to enable individual requirements to be met during  the different tasks of examination, consultation and treatment.

A great guideline for lighting in healthcare is: keep it simple, keep it specialised and keep it safe and soothing.

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