20 Questions to Help Set some Blue Sky Plans & Goals for 2018

Welcome back to our first blog of 2018 ... it’s time for fresh, blue sky ideas and clear planning.
Before shooting some great goals, take time to evaluate what your business is about and how it can be improved on last year.
Take a look at what went wrong and what went right.

Here’s 20 Quick Questions to help lead into establishing some solid goals.

Finances & Business Strategies:
1. How profitable was the 2017 year?
2. Who were the best customers or customer group?
3. What was cash flow like?
4.  What were the heaviest expenses for the year?
5. How many fee proposals went out?
6. How many of these converted to jobs?
7. Should  new revenue streams for the business be considered?
8. How well are current sales methods performing?

Business Brand, Marketing, Technology:
9. Does the brand reflect current trends and latest marketing strategies?
10. Are the business name, logo, brand guidelines and visual identity properly developed so that they are easily recognisable and consistent?
11. How much traffic did the website attract?
12. How should  social media presence be updated  … a refresh of Facebook and Instagram this year or a new podcast or even a live video?
13. Does the technology footprint of the business need a revamp to improve  overall efficiency? Internet speeds, operating systems, hardware and software?

The Business Premises:
14. Does the premises look outdated and need a revamp?
15. Is the interior fitout customer friendly in terms of traffic flow and the general amenities on offer?
16. Does the interior fitout reflect a point of difference from competitors?
17. Does the premises reflect the branding in its fitout design?
18. Are signage and exterior presence clear and inviting?
19. When is the lease up for renewal?
20. Should moving or negotiating favourable terms and conditions on a new lease be the best way to go?

Evaluating and goal setting are an important part of owning a business so don’t ignore putting them on your January ‘18 agenda.

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