10 Point Checklist - How to keep the Focus on your Customers

Many of our clients are bricks and mortar retailers.
Some have online stores for both extra convenience and to capture even more interaction with their customers.
Whichever way your retail business heads, keeping focus on the customer is what matters most.

So here's a 10 point checklist of things to think about on keeping up that focus

1.     Does the point of entry invite customers to come on in?

2.     Is my store layout intuitive and easy to negotiate or is it confusing?

3.     Are the aisle placements and shelf positioning working well?

4.     Are there innovative displays positioned in key areas?

5.     What is the main feature of my fitout? For instance, is there a display wall, a moody colour scheme, special lighting, or eye catching flooring?

6.     Have I considered my customers having a sensory experience as they enter my store? For instance, should I be using colours, background music, aromas to appeal to their senses?

7.     How am I making my products relate to the needs of my customers?

8.     Am I creating any special events to inform or entertain my customers? For instance, are there any "theatre elements" to bring products to life for them?

9.     Do I have any loyalty programmes in place?

10,   Should I consider taking on well- known brands to create a "store within a store"?

Take a step away from focusing on the store as a place to just sell products and make sure you focus on getting customers to want to be in your store!


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