10 Common Questions to Ask Your Fitout Builder Before Starting Out

One of the basics of any  commercial fitout project is having to engage a builder.
It can also be one of the hardest things to do.
Knowing what questions to ask can take a lot of heat out of the job.

Here’s 10 commonly asked questions you may find useful:

1.   What kind of experience do you have in building the kind of fitout I need?
2.   Do you have a collection of similar types projects you’ve done and can show me?
3.   Timing - How quickly can you get the job completed?
4.   What kinds of qualified construction professionals do you have necessary to start building ?
5.   What's your best way of communicating with me and keeping me up to date with the project in both the planning and construction phases?
6.   Who’s the contact person I’d work with on my fitout project and what’s their experience?
7.   Can you explain the different phases of construction for my particular fitout?
8.  What kind of information and action do you need from me in order to keep the project moving?
9.   How do you account for the unexpected things as they come up during the fitout process?
10. What paperwork do I need to satisfy all compliances of authorities? Can you assist me with that?

The best thing you can do before setting out on a commercial fitout, is to take time to plan the basics.
It’ll put you well up to speed with the whole process and that can mean a successful project for everyone!

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