Visual merchandising 101: How to best display your products

The ways in which you display products and make use of visual space in your commercial premises will have a substantial impact on sales and the overall customer experience. Follow these tips for retail success when arranging shop fitouts and rotating your displays with the seasons.

Entrance and window displays

Make the right impression on customers by displaying the latest high-end products in window displays and close to the entrance to your store. These displays will encourage tactile browsing if appropriate, with varying heights to create visual interest.


Changing your shop displays regularly will keep the space interesting for returning customers, with old displays being moved to other areas of the store. Identify all calendar events and special occasions relevant to your business and plan seasonal displays to take advantage of these, from Valentine’s Day to Christmas.


Displaying related items together will boost add-on sales, but the manner of grouping can vary between types of businesses. Grocery retailers typically display multiple products of the same type together for customer convenience, but if you deal in higher value items you are more likely to achieve success when grouping items by theme or colour group.


Light has a powerful psychological impact on consumers, and not paying adequate attention to lighting in your premises could negatively impact on sales. Bright and focused task lighting brings out details in luxury products and ambient lighting carries associations of exclusivity and prestige, in contrast to the budget perception of bright overhead lighting.


Unique signs assigned to individual items make these stand out, as long as the text and font used have appropriate connotations. Being transparent about prices by tagging every product clearly will give customers greater confidence in their purchases too.


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