Using Oversized Graphics in your Office Fitout

Bold, dynamic graphics are in!

The days of simply painting an office wall are out!

Catch the buzz words - "Environmental Graphics" or "Branded Environment" , a new language in Commercial Office Layout.

So, what's that?
Words, Images, Patterns which have some link to the brand, the mission or the motivation of a business and are expressed on walls, glazed areas, panels, doors, ceilings, floors in a large scale and bold manner.
Don't over-do them on every surface, but choose key points in the fitout.

Oversized graphics? What are the Benefits?

Here's a few quick facts: They can:

Enforce your Brand to ensure that it's alive in the minds of your customers, stakeholders and staff

Increase your level of communication with clients which helps to develop business loyalty

Motivate and engage your staff. The culture of your business can be improved by inspirational words, quotes & mantras displayed in the office layout.

Create an opportunity for people to connect with you by conveying information about your business

Create Decorative Features in the form of Feature Walls. At key points of the fitout eg: Entry/Reception, Meeting/Boardroom, Staff Break-out spaces,
feature walls with decorative, informative or motivational text & images are the perfect opportunity to enhance the aesthetics of your office design.

What Materials are used to display these Graphics?

Here's some Options:

Wallpapers :  Not the stock standard type you buy in a paint shop, but nowadays, custom wallpaper can be produced straight from a digital file. Almost any image can be used or created. Think of anything from your company logo, to inspirational statements, colourful all-over patterns, or better still, dynamic large-scale images which link to your brand, printed on paper and adhered to the wall.

Film on Glass:  Graphics on glass partitioning and screening has been around for years in commercial office fitout, but come on, be adventurous with it! Create shapes, pattern and colour by using coloured or opaque film on glass. Patterns can lively and directional to help customers find their way down corridors etc. Choose between translucent or transparent film so many options, depending on the level of privacy you need. Ask your fitout team to guide you towards the right suppliers.

Walls lit from behind:  A process called "Lightwall" can illuminate an entire wall, allowing a graphic to be lit from behind and capture enormous attention. The sky's the limit in terms of size and positioning.

Changeable Fabric or Paper Walls:  Business is forever changing and there's always a need to refresh. So why not consider a fabric framing system which allows for fabric to be stretched over a frame and magnetically fixed so that it looks permanent, but can be changed in a heartbeat. Promotions, current patterns, even on-trend designs can be printed on very large format fabric for stretching.  Cover an entire wall with it. This is a winner for any commercial fitout or renovation.

Hand Painted: Not necessarily inexpensive, but if you're after something very special on feature walls, engage a good artist who can work on mural sizes to produce a truly innovative result. Your fitout builders can guide you.


It might be time to change your office environment, to update and oversize your graphics. It can be a cost efficient answer to any office renovation.
Most of all it shouts your branding out loud. Isn't that worth it?

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