A Top Tip - Read your Fitout Manual

We’ve been talking lately about how to understand some terms in quotes and costs you’ll come across from fitout contractors when you’re about to start a fitout or renovation of your office, shop, food outlet or other types of businesses.

But there may be also something else to consider: the Terms and Conditions in your Fitout Guidelines or Fitout Manual.

Never heard of a Fitout Manual?  Well if you’re not located in a shopping centre or part of a cluster of tenancies run by a central management,
you may not need to worry about it. However, do a check to see if you need to get hold of one.
The guide should be read in conjunction with the Agreement for Lease and/or lease documents for the Tenancy.
It’s important you ask about it and see it.
Here’s some FAQ’s about Fitout Guidelines:

Where do I find one? Ask your landlord or building management for a copy.

What will the Fitout Guidelines tell me?  The manual will show you, and your fitout team what to do to assist in the planning,
design and construction of the Tenancy shop, office, café, gym etc.

But I’m only doing a small renovation, do I need to refer to it? Yes you do, the manual spells out the terms and conditions for any design
and building work that’s to be done.

Can I go ahead and plan my fit out myself?  Yes you can, but it is important to adhere to the guidelines and pass them to your fitout team
because there may be several conditions and procedures you need to follow. Work with fitout specialists on this.

Do I have to show my plans to the landlord or building management?  Yes, usually it is a condition of the tenancy that you show any demolition plans,
floor plans, electrical, hydraulics and fire services plans prior to starting any work.

What other issues are mentioned in the fit out manual?  Well, there are procedures  which mostly people like us need to stick to and factor in,
for instance: How we get access to the Site, Workplace, Health and Safety Conditions  for our workers,  Building Protection and Cleaning,
Shutdown of Building Systems like Fire Services or Air Conditioning , Disturbing other Tenants, After Hours work  and so on.

Do I really have to deal with all of these?  No, most of them apply to your Fitout team, but you need to be aware of them and how they will impact
on your project. We can certainly help you through them! No problems!

If you’re well prepared like this before starting out on renovating your tenancy, then so much time and money can be saved in the long run.

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