Six shop layout secrets of successful retail chains

The layout of a commercial space has a profound impact on the behaviour of customers. Making your product displays eye-catching and directing customer movement will encourage people to spend more time and money in your store than they planned.

1. Window displays

Windows provide a chance to grab the attention of passersby and should concisely express your brand values. Use minimal products and a single colour theme for a more powerful visual impact, and consider adding incongruous objects to cause intrigue, such as plush toys.

2. First impressions

Your entrance displays should also grab attention and cause customers to slow down and spend longer browsing. Front-of-store displays should include a selection of products that customers are encouraged to touch or smell, as appropriate, but these displays should not be so large that they obscure views of the rest of the premises.

3. Encourage counter-clockwise movement

Research has demonstrated that customers tend to move through stores in a counter-clockwise direction, so making the right side of your entrance more appealing with floral displays and the latest product releases will set a positive mood and encourage browsing.

4. End-of-aisle displays

Leaving the ends of aisles empty is a missed opportunity. Instead, set up attractive displays that customers are drawn to or arrange aisles so that they lead into other departments.

5. Break it up

In shops with long aisles, such as supermarkets and hardware stores, customers tend to pass over similar products if there are no visual breaks.

6. Change displays regularly

The work isn’t over once you’ve set up your displays. Updating shop displays to match the seasons and special occasions will give a fresh experience to returning customers, and the shelf life of displays can be extended by rotating them in different parts of the shop.


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