Office Fitout Tips to Make Your Workplace Healthier

The buzzword in office fitout talk today is Activity Based Working (ABW). It’s all about making a workplace healthier and more physically energetic.
That means more output, greater productivity and happier people!
Read our essential tips to invite health and wellbeing into your office fitout. Essentially, it’s about developing a Culture of Movement.
Workers should be allowed to leave their desks, freeing themselves from static postures at their workstation to work in a variety of positions.

This may mean doing several fairly simple things:

Installing several desks which adjust from “sit to stand positions”. There are many available.
Benefit: good posture, improved comfort. Your fitout team can create a hub within your office to locate these.
Creating a lounge area with easy seating. Simply done.
If you can, allocate space to install low, lounge style seating with tables for laptop working. Group work, small meetings, individual work can be done in this setting.
Benefit: flexibility, engagement.
Installing a bar style bench with higher stools for short-term tasks. Again, your fitout team can install this. Group work, small meetings, individual work are all possible here.
Benefit: flexibility, postural change, interaction.
Letting in natural light to the office fitout in as many areas as possible. Gone are the days of giving the manager the window seat. Allow your workers to relate to the outdoors, to be able to look at the outside.
Benefit: mood improvement, reduction in stress.
Creating a garden style area in which to work.  Ask your fitout team to install a garden platform or green wall. Greenery not only adds beauty, but also oxygen to the environment.
Benefit: plants promote happiness!
Positioning water stations throughout the office rather than encouraging too much coffee drinking. Walking to water is better than dosing on coffee.
Benefit: better health outcomes.
Encouraging lunch hour exercise sessions.  Easy access to the outdoors for boxing, circuit training or yoga sessions completes the link between work, health and leisure.
Benefit: need we say anymore?
Activity Based Working is a good thing. Its growth and popularity is not a fad.  It’s here to stay.

When you really take a look at achieving increased outcomes for your business, having a  fitout for health and productivity is about as good as you can get!


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