Meeting the Australian Standards and Building Code of Australia Requirements for Accessibility

Accessibility is a critical component of any fitout. Whether you’re a shop owner, office manager, run a childcare centre or manage a bar, your fitout is required to meet the Australian Standards (AS) and Building Code of Australia (BCA) requirements for accessibility.

Accessibility isn’t about incorporating a ramp here and there to compensate for stairs, it is about embracing
all members of the community including those who require additional space for maneuvering within your
fitout, so this extends to appropriate door widths, passageway widths, step heights, ceiling heights, and levels
throughout your space.

Ensuring your fitout meets the AS and BCA requirements for accessibility is critical for:

  • Gaining Building Approval/Certification - Without meeting the relevant AS and BCA provisions for
    accessibility, your fitout will not be eligible for Building Approval/Certification. Building Approval/
    Certification is vital for legal operation.
  • Balancing Proportions - The AS and BCA provisions ensure doorway widths are appropriately scaled,
    ceiling heights are well positioned, step heights and depths are comfortable, and so forth. This is
    important for the operation and overall feel of your space.
  • Achieving Equity - Beyond the points above, it is critical for ensuring all user groups are satisfied, are
    accommodated for equally, and all feel invited and welcome within your space.

So how do you know whether your fitout meets the relevant AS & BCA provisions for accessibility?

It comes down to how your space has been designed, and whether it has been done so in accordance with the correct AS and BCA requirements.

How can we help?

We are experts in our field when it comes to accessibility, and meeting the relevant AS and BCA provisions for
access. We know what accessibility requirements need to be met across the board. We either work with your
design team, or draft plans for you to ensure your fitout meets the relevant accessibility requirements. We can
also liaise with your certifier to ensure your fitout is properly approved/certified and ready for occupation.

To find out more about accessibility requirements or to organise a meeting with our team, contact us on 1300
765 782.

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