How to Make your Multi-Storey Office Fit-Out 'Collaborative'

Gone are the days of isolated work environments where the ‘boss’ sits in a private office, and staff are hidden behind high partitioning in their own fortresses with meeting rooms off to the side enclosed by solid walls and doors.

Today, it is all about collaboration, exchange and interaction.

Exemplars are showing that collaborative work spaces have major benefits.

They are said to increase productivity as they encourage staff to engage in more teamwork and openly
discuss projects. Morale is boosted as physical barriers are removed. Gen Y’s love it, seeing work as an
experience more than anything else. Clients feel more included as they become part of a space where
exchange of ideas and energetic thinking are in full view.

But how can a collaborative work space across a multi-storey office be achieved?

We recently completed an office fitout for a national insurance company in Brisbane, which is spread over 4
storeys. The end result ticks the boxes of collaboration, exchange and interaction.

Here’s what we did:

  • Replaced solid walls with glazed walls
  • Created new work stations which encourage interactive activity
  • Created new open meeting spaces
  • Included glazed walls around meeting rooms allowing visibility in and out
  • Let in loads of natural light
  • Included new data points in well thought-out locations

The focus on these techniques spanned all 4 storeys of the office, linking various work zones to create a
workspace offering individual and group choices.
AC Fitouts managed this project, carried out electrical work, co-ordinated sub-trades, and organised the
lodgement of Q leave and building compliance.

It just goes to show … A little ‘collaborative’ thinking goes a long way.

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