The link between a creative shop fitout and increased sales

Creative use of retail space can attract more customers and get your brand noticed. When planning shop fitouts, thinking outside the box and making your products stand out can be a real boon to sales. 

Making the right impression
The ways in which your retail space is utilised have a profound effect on the moods and attitudes of customers. Every aspect of design, layout and presentation needs to be carefully considered, from proportion and form to lighting, material and colour choices, as misjudging a single factor will spoil the overall effect. The bright lights and wide aisles of busy supermarkets set a very different atmosphere to the ambient lighting and reflective environment of jewellery shops.

You should also ascertain whether your customers are more attracted by bargain prices or quality products when setting up displays catering to your brand’s strengths. 

Improving the customer experience
Remember that customers are more likely to spend more and return if they feel a shop caters for their needs. Making sure your premises are fully accessible and giving people the chance to try out products before buying them will demonstrate your brand prioritises the customer experience. Customer bathrooms can be expensive to install and maintain, but they go a long way towards demonstrating your commitment to customer satisfaction. 

While strategies such as placing impulse purchases next to checkouts are well known, there are more ways to increase the chance of sales in different types of premises. Clothing retailers have found success in locating fitting rooms next to tills, so customers will be more likely to buy the items they just tried on.

Creative shop fitouts in Queensland
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