Improving Patient Experience in Medical and Dental Fitouts (Part 2)

Following on from our last post, here is Part 2 - Our expert tips on how to improve flooring, furniture and lighting in the waiting area of your medical and dental fitout:

Flooring & Furniture

Old, stained carpet or worn vinyl flooring is too common in medical and dental fitouts, and is far from
appealing particularly for unwell patients or those fronting up for a procedure. It doesn’t look or feel hygienic
and definitely doesn’t give any directional cues.

Move to clean, contemporary non-slip surfaces within your fitout. Incorporate contemporary colours or simple patterns to
modernise your space and assist with way finding. Run patterns in a way that complements your wall colour
to direct the eyeline consistently. The variety of suitable flooring out there is abundant, and we can assist.
Large chunky reception counters are also too common in medical and dental fitouts. They make patients
feel intimidated and take your fitout back to the 90s very quickly. Move to a low, clean lined counter with
appropriately hidden storage so that patients can approach your receptionist easily and more personably. We
specialise in building effective and well organised furniture and storage into medical and dental fitouts so we
can easily assist you with this.

Keep furniture contemporary and clean-lined. Again, chunky bench seating and bulky sofas are unappealing
and drag down the appeal of your fitout - keep your fitout light, clean and incorporate colour here and there to brighten the
mood and modernise.


Keep lighting bright and contemporary. Old fluorescent lights are dull and depressing and can counteract
all your hard work fixing furniture, flooring and entry ways. Use your lighting as a directional tool too - over
reception counters, along walkways etc to further assist navigation.

With these 4 key components of your waiting area improved, your fitout will feel more vibrant, appealing and comfortable to your patients - improving their overall experience and therefore satisfaction with your practice.

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