Five things to consider when designing a corporate space

Corporate office spaces have changed considerably in the past few years, and keeping up with evolving design trends could result in happier and more productive employees. Here are five factors to consider when planning commercial office fitouts.
1. Space requirements

As real estate prices have risen, advances in technology have served to shrink the average desk space required by employees. Replacing bulky computers with laptops and connecting multiple users to central printers and other devices wirelessly will allow you to downsize and only use as much space as you have to, especially if some of your employees work from home.
2. First impressions

Make the right impression on visitors to your premises with a welcoming reception area that reflects your company’s personality. Reception areas should take advantage of natural light with windows and light-coloured furnishings, and this feeling of hospitality should extend to the rest of the office suite. If your offices look dated, this can reflect negatively on your brand in dynamic, contemporary markets.
3. Open plan layouts

Removing partitions improves light distribution and encourages office camaraderie and transparency across all levels of the company. You can still offer all the privacy needed for independent working by retaining a number of closed rooms, and these should be free from visual distractions to keep workers focused on their tasks.
4. Flexibility

In a growing business it’s important to plan for the future, and this includes making sure your premises will be capable of supporting this growth and your changing needs in the years ahead. Make use of moveable desks, partitions and furnishings to easily modify your corporate space for various functions and to refresh its look.


5. Sustainability

Environmental considerations have become increasingly significant in the business world, and there are many ways to demonstrate your company’s ‘green’ credentials – such as making use of recycled materials during construction and renovations, installing energy efficient lighting and cooling systems and providing recycling facilities that encourage employees to dispose of waste properly.
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