The costs involved in a commercial fitout

Budget is always a primary concern for commercial property owners when planning retail or commercial office fitouts. By finding out precisely what costs are involved at every stage, you can make the most of your refurbishment budget.


Factors affecting cost


Constructing new premises is more expensive than renovating an existing space, but you could save money by choosing shop fitters that also specialise in construction. The costs of commercial fitouts will also depend on their level of complexity, your choice of materials and any special design considerations, and can range from as little as $300 per square metre to more than $2000.


Office refits


The simplest and cheapest option for commercial fitouts, refits make use of existing structures such as flooring, ceilings, electrical fittings and plumbing fixtures, and may even re-use furnishings, storage systems and doors if available.


Standard commercial fitouts


Most office and shop fitouts involve making moderate to substantial changes to the existing space, especially in the case of ownership changing hands and new operators making their mark. Ceilings and flooring may be re-used to save time and money or may be replaced altogether, while all equipment, storage units and furnishings will normally be installed new. If the space needs to be stripped out before remodelling can begin, this will add to the cost.


Advanced commercial fitouts


High-end fitouts involve considerable changes being made to existing premises or the construction of new buildings. Flooring, partitions, desks and other surfaces may make use of higher quality materials such as natural stone, multiple levels of lighting may be employed and security and access control will typically be enhanced, all of which will increase the cost of the renovation.


Commercial office fitouts in Queensland


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