Christmas Wrap-Up - Time to focus on Business Tools

Has anyone suddenly noticed that Christmas on the doorstep?

We've had our heads down working on delivering commercial fitouts on time to our customers and not really thinking that it really is time to bring out the carols and decorations.
Till now, that is.

So, we can soon draw breath and focus on a couple of things:

What are the tools businesses have relied on to achieve great outcomes during the year?

Whether your type of business is building great fitouts or making cardboard boxes, the principles are much the same.

From where we stand at AC Fitouts, we've covered such a diversity of quality commercial projects in 2014.
From demolition to upgrades, to new builds, to maintenance of commercial projects weve done the lot!
Shops, offices, cafes, restaurants & bars, schools, universities, medical clinics and more, weve taken care of construction, approvals, and maintenance; whatever has been required at the time.

So what's in this Toolkit?

When we delved into what's been in the toolkit of basic good principles, we found that theres some things which should never change:

Having good communication with Clients right through the process beginning to end. That's a definite!

Having excellent co-operation with all Stakeholders. In our case, it may be designers, consultants, other trades, but whoever it is, full co-operation is essential to get the job done well.

Maintaining a business-like attitude which gets the job done, but in a client-focused way.This doesnt mean that friendliness goes out the window.
Fairness, friendliness and offering personal service towards your clients are necessities.

Exercising a good level of flexibility being able to change direction when needs demand.  Sometimes projects or transactions are subject to changing conditions. Flexibility needs to be applied to bring the job to a productive end.

Keeping an eagle eye on cost control. Not letting budgets blow out which only makes for dissatisfaction all round is crucial.

Being small enough to do small jobs, yet big enough to handle larger ones. This will mean careful and wise employment of the right staff or contractors to suit your business.

Having absolute honesty and integrity - this should be the backbone of your business.

Easy Principles to follow and focus on.

Ahh....nearly time to hang up the hard hat.

Happy Christmas to all those in business. Let's hope it's been a great year for all of you!

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