How to achieve more fluidity in an office design

Modern office designs favour transparency and collaboration, but that doesn’t mean open plan offices lack boundaries or structure. Finding ways to improve workflow and maximise productivity should be key considerations when planning commercial office fitouts.
Benefits of open plan offices

The move towards open plan offices has received some criticism for the impact of these designs on privacy and productivity. However, through careful planning you can receive the benefits of a fluid work environment while retaining privacy and focus. Speaking to your office fitter about zoning will allow you to enjoy the best of all worlds with a strategic office fitout.
Zone layouts

Open plan offices can be divided without partitions, when you design certain areas to be task-specific. Some of these will need to be relatively isolated, such as quiet rooms where employees can conduct phone calls and work independently without distractions, but others can be incorporated into the open plan layout to encourage collaboration between departments and maintain a social atmosphere to improve motivation.

Depending on the type of business you operate, task-specific zones could include:

Collaboration zones – Research has demonstrated that social areas in workplaces inspire creativity and strengthen working relationships, from water cooler hangouts to dedicated conference rooms.

Private zones – Bridging the gap between traditional office layouts and open plan spaces, private zones may be isolated to varying degrees and send clear signals not to disturb.

Fun zones – Some companies have achieved great success at boosting office camaraderie and reducing absenteeism by providing entertainment facilities or just spaces where employees can unwind between tasks.
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