5 Quick Tips for a Simple Office Renovation

To stay competitive, sharp and on trend, we recommend that an office fitout be renovated every 5-7 years.  5-7 years allows you to accommodate any major changes to your business (such as branding changes or structural/staff changes) and means your overall ‘look’ remains fresh and on trend.

A full office renovation usually comprises a change to the office layout (if required due to structural or staff
changes), update to furniture and fittings, colour scheme changes, and changes to amenities, lighting and/or

We are often asked by our clients though - What should they be doing in between times (say every 2-3 years)
to ensure their fitout isn’t completely tired by the time 5 years clocks over, or - if they can’t afford to renovate
every 5-7 years, what tips do we have for a simple office facelift?

So here are our 5 quick tips for a simple office renovation:

  • Remove or lower partitions - Poor placement or height of partitions can really segregate staff and
    remove opportunities for communication. Try removing or replacing partitioning with lower or transparent
    partitions; this will eliminate physical ‘barriers’ within the work space. Many people think partitions
    are needed for privacy, but the benefits of increased natural light in your work space and improved
    opportunities for staff to participate in office culture far outweigh any older fashioned perceptions of
    privacy. Removal or lowering of partitions also encourages staff to keep their workspace tidy and compact.
  • Experiment with colour - A pop of colour in a neutral office can completely change your look and freshen
    your workspace. Try updating your furniture by incorporating textured or colour-rich communal seating
    in staff recreation spaces and reception areas. Perhaps re-paint your front of house spaces or meeting
    areas where you see the most client traffic. Maybe update your lighting over neutral walls to allow the
    light to bounce off the walls allowing rooms to appear brighter.
  • Change the ceiling height - Try incorporating a suspended ceiling. Suspended ceilings change the
    ambience of your office and will hide any unwanted elements such as wiring or piping. Perhaps suspend
    your ceiling in certain areas, to create feature nodes throughout your office - such as in staff recreation
    areas or key meeting areas.
  • Change storage facilities - We specialise in building custom storage areas so we understand that effective
    storage is critical in a busy office. Custom built storage may give you back space within your office you
    didn’t even realise you had. Purpose built storage means a cleaner and more organised office.
  • Update the lighting in your front of house areas - Lighting can have a greater affect than you may realise.
    Softening lighting in front of house reception and waiting areas creates a sense of professionalism and
    calmness, and can greatly improve the overall enjoyment of those sitting in those areas. By directing
    lighting to walls or artwork, people’s eyes are guided to these features - your clients may notice artwork
    or elements within your office that they haven’t noticed before.

AC Fitouts is here to carry out a full office renovation for you, or a more short term facelift. We know how to
implement simple techniques to achieve major results. Take a look at our recent office fitouts on our Projects
page, or contact us to learn more.

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